Grapes are edible berries that grow in clusters on a vine. Believed to have originated in Western Asia, they are one of the oldest cultivated plants and are known to have digestive and therapeutic properties. For thousands of years, they were grown solely to produce wine. Today, grapes are also specially harvested for eating and for drying to make raisins. How appropriate and fitting to call these specialty grapes "champagne." Actually a variety called Zante Currant or Black Corinth, (named for the Greek city where they were grown more than 2,000 years ago), Champagne Grapes were reintroduced to the food service industry in the early 1980's when mini-vegetables were becoming popular. These delectable little fruits are crunchy with a sweet flavor and unique appearance.

Highly decorative, Melissa's Champagne Grapes are popular as a dessert fruit and gourmet garnish. Small bunches of these miniature currant grapes are often draped over champagne or wine glass rims. Champagne Grapes are small and seedless and have a deep blue-black color when ripe. The average size of each bunch is the length and width of a hand.

Melissa's Champagne Grapes are hand-selected for excellent quality. Choose fragrant, unblemished Champagne Grapes with fresh stems. Store refrigerated, wrapped in a tissue or paper towel in a vented plastic bag for up to two weeks. They may be frozen.

Melissa's Champagne Grapes may be enjoyed simply out of hand. Wash and drain well. Hold onto a small cluster and pull the bunch away from its stem using your mouth.

This item is perishable and must ship Overnight.

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